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Sunscreen and Going Outdoors in a Pandemic… why we can’t forget to protect our skin

Jul 03 , 2020

Sunscreen and Going Outdoors in a Pandemic… why we can’t forget to protect our skin

by Dr. Suzanne Gokel

In this time of the current pandemic and quarantine, our lives have changed drastically. We are limited from our normal activities. We have changed and shrunk our lifestyles. While we may not be visiting restaurants, sporting events and gyms as before, we can still go outdoors and stay active on our own or with our families. It is refreshing to spend so much time in the fresh air and bright sun. As we go into the summer months, increased time outdoors also means increased need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays from the sun and risks of photodamage. This is best done with the use of sunscreen which both reflects and absorbs UV radiation, keeping it from entering our skin.

Why should we use sunscreen? Sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancers: this includes basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers and melanoma. It also protects us from photodamage that causes aging, sunspots and skin discoloration. It helps us maintain a smoother and more even skin tone, allowing us to look younger and healthier, which we all desire!

S2P brings you two different experiences in Sunscreen use. Our Silky Sunscreen Gel is a clear sunscreen that glides on effortlessly and repels water. Our classic Moisturizing Sunscreen has Titanium Dioxide which provides both organic and mineral based sun blockers. Both are made with Vitamin D for our skin even when we are blocking absorption from the sun.

Along with sunscreen, make sure to wear hats, sunglasses and protective clothing for optimal sun protection. Make the most of your freedom to be outdoors by using sunscreen to protect your skin and stay safe!

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