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Skin Care Tips While Traveling...

Dec 16 , 2022

Skin Care Tips While Traveling...

by Skin Sutra

How many of you are thinking to travel this holiday season?

It’s estimated that over 100 million people will be taking trips this winter of 2022!
Of course that is the case! We are coming out of a pandemic. After 2 years of hunkering down, this last year has seen more and more people traveling to make up for lost time seeing the world!
That also means busy roads, busy airports, busy hotels. Lots of crowds and planning ahead. This means airplanes where you and your skin become dehydrated. That also often means neglecting your skin care while traveling. 
So rather than losing your momentum on all the gains you have made to have amazing skin, how can you keep up?
Now let’s be honest, how many of you use the hotel amenities to wash your face or moisturize?  Do you notice that your skin gets dried out after that? What about the lotion that doesn’t really do much? You may find that it’s not so great. The bar soaps tend to be drying and most of the gel soaps are made of a grade that doesn’t provide any moisture or hydration back to the skin. Hotel lotions also tend to be watery/liquidy and not very emolliating.
This is because to service that many visitors and guests, hotels have to buy in bulk and some hotels even require that products are bought from specific vendors. Also remember that vacations tend to be active and this means you might be sweating more than usual. This means more oils and impurities on your skin and going into your pores. Running around also means more environmental exposures to your skin. And how many of you remember to consistently apply sunscreen while traveling?
So why not change all this? :)
That’s why Skin Sutra brings you our new travel set! 
You can travel with high quality products in the convenience of mini bottles,
that are also priced affordably. 
Try: Rebalance Cleanser,
Radiance Toner,
Replenish Moisturizer,
Resist Sunscreen 
This allows you to enjoy your day out and about sightseeing, taking in new cultures and customs while still cleansing dirt and debris off your face effectively everyday. Use the toner to cleanse deeper and remove redness from the skin. Then moisturize with a truly effective moisturizer that also provides anti-aging benefits while on the road! We always want to maintain that process especially when out of our normal routines. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier which is especially important when out in new climates. Lastly, the other part of anti-aging is effective sun protection with sunscreen.
These few steps will maintain your skin health while you have fun. As always Skin Sutra wants to keep it simple for you so that you are putting your energy towards seeing the world. 
The other thing that can tend to crop up on vacation is acne lesions. This is because as mentioned you may be sweating more, more dirt trapped into the skin pores causing blackheads and then whiteheads. If you are still masking this may add to it, especially in warm climates. So while our Regenerate salicylic acid exfoliating pads are not available in a mini, they are travel friendly b/c they don’t have liquids. The liquids there have been mostly absorbed into the pads. So this is also a great item to carry for additional cleansing, exfoliating and helping to prevent acne breakouts. 
And in general, don’t forget to keep some cleansing wipes on you along with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for additional protection from the sun. And also use a lip balm to help replace moisture there as well.
And when you return from your travels? Ideally using Skin Sutra's quality skin care while traveling helped prevent skin issues. Continue to maintain exfoliation and hydration with a good anti-aging  moisturizer. You can consider using an at home facial mask to help restore your skin’s balance and protective barrier. Make sure to hydrate well with water both during and after the trip which also helps your skin. A few nights of good sleep will give skin time to rest and recover just like the rest of the body. 
So enjoy those travels and remember just take 60-120 seconds a day to care for your skin. Your skin will thank you! 

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