S2P Skincare introduces Skin Sutra! Our new signature skincare program for all. While we will continue to produce hand hygiene and hand sanitizer products, it will be under our new brand. Skin Sutra is a skin care line created with luxurious facial care to enhance natural beauty and create radiant skin. Started under the thoughtful design of our physician and chemist team to bring a focused skin care line for daily care, anti-aging and acne reduction. Our goal is to keep it simple by highlighting the best of skin care ingredients into a few products that can be used by all skin types.

Our founder is Dr. Suzanne Gokel, DO, a family and esthetic physician has practiced medicine for the last two decades. Working in primary care and being on the  first line to see patients, she has seen all levels of skin issues.

The appearance of the skin is very important for people in general and plays a large role in their confidence and happiness. Besides improving the quality of the skin, Dr. Suzanne strives to help her patients feel better about how they approach their world on a daily basis. This includes young people with acne or middle age to older skin that shows signs of aging and many other common skin problems. She knows optimal management of skin starts with consistent and easy skin care.

After years of using other products, Dr. Suzanne wanted skin care based on science and working directly with those who needed it. With this Skin Sutra evolved and developed. This skin care line is the start and culmination of all her years of experience. Dr Suzanne has worked with her chemist to create products by bringing together natural herbs and botanicals with scientific ingredients. Keeping their client in mind, they continue to build onto their skin care program based on consumer needs. Using nothing but the highest grade ingredients with no fillers, that are environmentally friendly with no animal testing.

Dr. Suzanne Gokel, DO lives and practices family medicine and aesthetics in California.

Skin Sutra's Manufacturing Lab & Production is based out of Huntington Beach, California.

Disclaimer: This is not a prescription based line of skin care products and does not substitute dermatologic or other medical evaluation. All content is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment.