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Hi!  My name is Dr. Suzanne Gokel, DO. I am a family and esthetic physician and have been practicing medicine for the last two decades. In this time, I have realized how much a person's skin appearance can impact their confidence and how they present themselves on the outside. Whether 17 or 70, “Skinfidence '' helps us step into the frame we want to show to the world. 

Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the body. It takes on the wear and tear of environmental effects as well as our hormones, habits and general health. From young skin with acne or older skin with visible signs of aging, every decade of life reflects in our skin. It is also important to optimize skin care with easy and effective treatments. This understanding propelled me to develop a skin care program using only the best of all ingredients within a few products. We don’t need a gazillion products, just a few but with key elements in it.

Working directly alongside my chemist, we designed our products to incorporate natural herbs and botanicals with scientific ingredients. Our regimens were put together while keeping in mind our busy lives and limited time. Skin Sutra was developed to provide skin care that crosses all skin types for common problems. Sutra is the thread that connects our skincare to our confidence and to our world. 

Whether it is acne management, eye care, solar care or anti-aging or all of the above! Try our easy regimen to maximize your skin health and be radiant!

Dr. Suzanne Gokel, DO lives and practices in California.

Disclaimer: this is not a medical line of skin care products and does not substitute dermatologic or other medical evaluation.

Our Manufacturing Lab & Production is based out of Huntington Beach, California.

We use nothing but the highest grade ingredients with no fillers, that are environmentally friendly with no animal testing.