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Using Hand Sanitizer Effectively!

Mar 29 , 2020

Using Hand Sanitizer Effectively!

by Dr. Suzanne Gokel

Hand sanitizers

These are gels that contain alcohol that can help kill germs present on the skin. This will help prevent getting sick or spreading germs to others. The alcohol will work immediately at 70% or greater in quantity. You want to make sure it is ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol in your sanitizer. It is ideal to use this when soap and water are not available.  If it is not greater than 60% it may only reduce the growth of germs and not kill it off.

Please note, hand sanitizer is not as effective on heavily soiled or greasy hands or to remove harmful chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals.

When using make sure to apply the product and rub it all over the surfaces of your hands until your hands are dry. Do not use a paper towel to wipe it off or you will reduce the germ fighting ability of sanitizer


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