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Fun in the Sun without the Burn!

Jul 14 , 2022

Fun in the Sun without the Burn!

by Dr. Suzanne Gokel

Summer is here! And we are out and about! People are ready to bare their skin and enjoy the sun! So let's do this and still love our skin. Resist the risks of sun rays that can cause cancerous skin lesions or premature aging. Reflect, deflect and absorb those UV rays with sunglasses, hats and most of all sunscreen.


Why should we use sunscreen? Sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancers: this includes basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers and melanoma. It also protects us from photodamage that causes aging, sunspots and skin discoloration. It helps us maintain a smoother and more even skin tone, allowing us to look younger and healthier, which we all desire!

But how do we know which one to buy! Have you ever walked down the sunscreen aisle at the store, not to mention online! There are so many choices! It can be overwhelming to pick one from all these different brands. The key is to find one you like which will then be one that you use!

To start, make sure to pick one with an SPF of 30 especially for the face. Beyond that the higher levels of SPF are more chemicals without much more protection which we want to be mindful of. The key to proper sun protection is reapplication. Regardless of SPF levels, all sunscreens should be reapplied in a generous amount over the skin, approximately every two hours when outdoors, even on cloudy days, and after swimming or sweating for maximum protection.

Next what is important to you? While fragrance and color make things interesting, what you want is a sunscreen product that is easy to apply and use. Find a product that has a consistency that you like and doesn't delay you from your activities.

Different types of sunscreen may be easier to use on different body areas. Creams are best for those with dry skin, for the face and under make-up. Gels are good for hairy areas such as the scalp or a male chest and also it is more ideal when going into water or when sweating excessively after exercise or outdoor activities.

Skin Sutra brings a Moisturizing Sunscreen that has Titanium Dioxide which provides both organic and mineral based sun blockers. We want you to experience our high quality products that maximize on ingredients, protection and usability.



 Stay safe this summer whether in your backyard or while taking walks or swimming. Keep sunscreen in your car, beach bag and near the doorway when you leave home, so you remember to use it. The best sunscreen is going to be the one you actually use!

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